Group of pigs


Pork from Britain's rare and traditional breeds is something very special.

Alan and Jacqueline Pateman-Jones, who own Poole Batten Farm, are breeders of rare-breed traditional British pigs and purveyors of the highest quality pork to fine butchers, high-end restaurants and delicatessens, and the more discerning consumer.

The early 16th Century Farm, set in 31 acres, sits in the picturesque Taw Valley countryside, 16 miles south east of Barnstaple in rural North Devon.

Poole Batten breeds and raises Gloucester Old Spot, Large Black and Oxford Sandy and Black pigs. Day in, day out, it has a close working relationship with its stock and allows its animals to mature naturally and slowly.

When necessary, the Farm buys-in breeding stock from other producers who are also committed to preserving rare and traditional breeds and to upholding the highest standards of animal husbandry.

Poole Batten provides its animals with the highest levels of care, thus avoiding stress; the pigs are not sent to market (a stressful experience in itself), nor loaded, along with other animals unfamiliar to them, onto a transporter for a long drive to a distant abattoir. Poole Batten takes its own animals to a local, personally selected and inspected abattoir, where they know the pigs will be treated sympathetically.

Pork of the Finest Quality

Poole Batten pork comes from animals born, raised and allowed to mature at a natural pace, on grass, without hurrying the process or by feeding artificial growth promoters.

The pork retains all the old-fashioned virtues of succulence, tenderness and full flavour, is sumptuous and delicious, and makes proper crackling. There is a little more fat than in commercial pork – but that's where the tenderness and succulence comes from.

The pork from each breed has its own characteristic taste and texture, which may even alter slightly through the seasons.

Poole Batten produces pork for a superior taste – a taste that can't be found in supermarkets and will have you coming back for more; once tasted never forgotten.